“I’ve been very happy with Hazel’s therapy sessions. She’s kind and caring and has helped me talk through my problems and see things in a different light. Thank you so much, Hazel!”

“The sessions we shared have propelled me forward and continue to make a HUGE positive change in my life, thank you, Hazel, from the bottom of my heart”.

“I’d like to thank you for your support during my dark times. I’d recommend your services to anyone in need. Especially you, personally, as you cared and I felt comfortable discussing my problems with you. You helped me get my confidence back and be ready for a new job and new start”.

“What I particularly liked, was Hazel’s way of listening, feeding back, helping me focus on what my personal triggers are and how to deal with them”.

“Whilst acknowledging my negativity, Hazel didn’t let sessions dwell on this which makes her approach so effective”.

“Together, we developed my personal tool-kit, over an agreed period, which I refer to when life gets difficult”.

“CBT has helped reshape my definition of happiness into ‘feeling safe and secure’. I write down three things that made me feel good, at the end of the day, and they’re the last things I think about before going to sleep. It’s made me find a way to help other people; giving my time free to sort stuff, physical and digital, makes a huge difference to their lives and makes me feel good about myself”.